Population: 1837
Accessibility: it lies in the North of the country. The nearest towns are Lengyeltóti and Fonyód. It is accessible by road and it has a railway station.
Characteristic: it is mentioned as "Lak" in 1449. In 1484 King Mátyás gave it to János Corvin. Hungarian people lived here, but they vanished during the Turks. For its repeopling Slanovic and Serb people were called here. In 1687 it became the estate of the Jankovich family. Its population was increasing gradually after that.
Economy: most of the people work for the factories of the neighbouring towns. There are the few people working in agriculture.
The unemployment rate is 10 %. There are 54 entrepreneurs and 3 Ltds in the village. Barátihegy, Naphegy and Vasadhegy also belong to the settlement.

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